Personal and Property Protection Dogs

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Trained Guard Dog Advantages:

–  Dogs have keen senses, allowing them to quickly and easily detect intruders and threats;

– Dogs do not sleep on the job and are naturaly motivated to protect;

– Trained dogs can exert enormous psychological pressure on intruders;

– Pedigree guard dogs are a lot faster and more agile than most human beings;

– Intruders will often avoid breaking into properties with one or more fierce guard dogs inside;

Security Solutions

In addition to offering guard dog training services, ASAP K9 also sells trained guard dogs for personal protection.

We offer dogs according to customer needs and deliver them trained accordingly. We also make direct sales to companies. You may request an on-site assessment in order to discover the best guard dog solution for your location.

We only work with pedigree dogs that have a balanced temperament. Our dogs are trained for self-defense, family security and guarding of properties such as warehouses, factories, estates, houses, etc

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